A young boy from Konkan was brought up by a father, who works in health care and a mother, who is an excellent cook. On a fine morning Vishal, barged in to the oceanic world. Learnt about fish with innocence and curiosity of a child. Our Fisheries Science graduate then took a plunge in to culture of fresh water fish, too. People, largely, being unaware about this body of knowledge, bothered him deeply. That drove Vishal into a Marketing Management course. His consulting work to Fish Culture Projects continued, as his urge to share the joy, grew. Our first “fishfanatic” strives for Sustainable Fishery for the industry and right Nutrition for you!
There he met his counterpart from the banks of Thane creek. Prasad is a Chef and a fervent Fish Eater. With the same curiosity and urge to share the taste. Prasad is all up for the adventure it could take to search and source any fish, from anywhere on the planet! This saw Prasad become an appreciated sourcer and whole-seller of fish in Thane and Mumbai regions. Often enough, one can find Prasad either; out on fishing expeditions, purchasing fish from the source, cooking it or drowned
in the amazingly tasty fish delicacies.
“fishfantics.in” is all up and running…!